The Future of Children's Programming - Fall 2021 and Beyond

The intention of this survey is to gain an understanding of the future of virtual engagement for children, based upon the comfort level of families and organizations who support and provide children’s programming across multiple disciplines (not just theatre!).

We are specifically looking at the world beginning in Fall of 2021, assuming that the world has begun to adapt to a "new normal," and that vaccinations are widely available.

You are receiving this survey because we feel that your perspective will be important as we determine how the opportunities that technology has given us will be beneficial to youth programming in the future.

mainstages recently changed our values to focus on the ideas of Improvisation, Connection, Character, and Imagination. We know that after the effects of last year, children’s needs have changed, and values such as resilience and perseverance have become more important than ever.

Your responses will be used by both mainstages and our partner organizations to gain a better understanding of the larger opinion regarding this issue so that we can move forward with contemporary, innovative programming into the future.