We Are Not Currently Hiring Any In-Person Teaching Artists or Performers.

Interested in Teaching and/or Performing Virtually?

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Afterschool Teaching Artists are capable of facilitating 3 different program types: musicals, original plays, and variety shows/workshops. This position is intended for NYC based educators with experience teaching and/or directing children’s theater for children ages 6-16. Qualified applicants have strong organizational and group management skills and availability at least two afternoons during the week. Positions for afterschool include Theater Directors, Pianists/Accompanist, Choreographers and Production Assistants.

Responsibilities include:

•Possess Dynamic facilitation skills with a charismatic and adaptable persona.
•Oversee overall program design & strategy of productions, workshops and showcases.
•Create lesson and activity plans.
•Develop itineraries and program outlines that build upon previous skills and applications.
•Integrate relevant mission driven themes and activity resources into curriculum.

Perform Onstage for Young Audiences!

Year-Round Performers rehearse and act in adult performances for kids including playing multiple characters in interactive performances and hosting interactive Game Shows. Performers have confident improv skills and the ability to work within loose script frameworks. NYC based performers that have availability on weekends with access to a vehicle preferred.

Responsibilities include:

•Represent mainstages at interactive performances and game shows.
•Arrive at performances on-time and communicate with mainstages in a timely manner.
•Greet and interact with audiences of all ages in a professional manner.
•Learn tech setup & breakdown including Audio, Visual, & Display.
•Attend rehearsals as needed.

Perks & Benefits

No matter the role you find yourself in with mainstages, there are great perks that everyone can enjoy!

• Expand your network of professional educators, actors, directors and designers.
• Gain access to hundreds of games, lesson plans, show ideas, original scripts and professional development.
• Become a lead artist and help us expand with budding opportunities.
• Help lead the way in innovative education and making a difference in tomorrow's world.