We’re Hiring!

Virtual Performer, Entertainer, & Host!

mainstages, an educational theater company for children, has figured out a unique formula for virtual variety shows on ZOOM and now runs upwards of 40 virtual shows per week!


We’re hiring 2-3 performers to start ASAP with a specific need for performers who have weekday afternoon and evening availability. For example, there are 2 open recurring afterschool programs at 2:30-4:30 PM EST on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Pay will be $24-30 per hour plus the possibility of tips for birthday parties.

Like Liam Neeson in Taken, we’re looking for people with a very specific set of skills…to perform from the comfort of your own couch! Well, technically our performers are more often standing during performances, but you get the idea.

Now we’re going to try to scare you off!

If, after reading this list, you’re like “Yes, this is me!” then we want to hear from you ASAP to start your onboarding and throw you right into the virtual fire after the new year! Scroll to the bottom of the page to apply!

Does this sound like you?

  • You are a master of technology (Preferably on Zoom!) who can simultaneously monitor the chat, spotlight participants, troubleshoot, and launch a poll (ideally with a puppet on one hand while making a costume change).
  • You are an expert mimic, able to see something being performed and instantly copy the energy, vibe, and style (thank you, Meisner technique). We value consistency and quality control, and we work hard to give you materials and support to achieve the team's goals.
  • You are a believer in “Operation email inbox 0!” Due to the number of shows we’re offering, it’s important that the people we work with are committed to communication and responsibility.
  • You are Captain Flexible (Mr. Fantastic’s cousin), able to roll with the punches and modify on the fly so that when you log in to what you think is a trivia event for a law firm, only to find 15 four-year-olds, you can still ensure we get a 5-star review! (Don’t worry, this only happens about 40% of the time!)
  • You're a triple, quadruple, minuple (is that a number?!?) threat. You don’t need an EGOT, but if you have a slew of skills that you think will translate to exciting, engaging online experiences for kids, that’s what we want. The more, the merrier! We currently tie in song leading, characters, puppetry, dance, and physical education into our shows.

All jokes aside, the work you will be doing with us is incredibly valuable. We’re helping provide connection at a time when kids need it more than ever. No matter what we do, our values of Improvisation, Connection, Character, and Imagination are at the core of it!

Perhaps the most important trait you need is a desire to help people embrace their creativity, have fun, and gain resiliency to make the world just a little a bit better!

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