Virtual Tip Jar

Virtual Tip Jar

Like so many others, mainstages has been heavily impacted by the financial repercussions of COVID-19. It's important to find a medium that allows for everyone to experience the social value of mainstages: LIVE!, while receiving compensation that allows for Arts organizations like ours to make it through these uncertain times.

If you've recently enjoyed one of our virtual offerings, or have ever gotten a laugh from one of our programs or performances, we would love it if you could help out our teaching and performing artists during a time of financial insecurity for everyone in the arts community.

We are so grateful for any amount that you can spare. It really does help a small arts organization like ours stay afloat, and help our staff get back on their feet.

Virtual Tip Jar: We want mainstages: LIVE! to be accessible to anyone needing our 4 C's: Community, Creativity, Character, & Confidence. If you wanted to provide a "virtual tip," you can do so below. THANK YOU!