Select from one of our three birthday packages

Package prices start at $495 with options for ALL ages:

Easy Memories

We offer a hassle-free setup with high production value.

Cool Memories

Kids and parents alike enjoy our hilarious stories, adventures, and eccentric characters.

Special Memories

Our shows allow for customization to make your event unique and personal.

Detective Lingo, mainstages character
Detective Lingo, one of our awesome characters!

Choose your theme

Each birthday selection includes a one hour performance from our one-of-a-kind characters!

“Each birthday selection includes a one hour performance from our one-of-a-kind characters!”

Mystery Theme

Solve a case with Detective Lingo!

Outer Space Theme

Explore the galaxy with Johnny Applebaum!

Superhero Theme

Save the world with Mitzvah Man!

Game Show

Be the star of your own Game Show!

Need a venue?

We have birthday partner locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens & Long Island.

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