“My child is so excited. I think this experience already has made her more confident. We are so grateful to you all for having this program, it really makes a huge impact on the kids!”

- Nina Livingston, Parent

“That was so much fun!  Your performances are like Shrek. Fun for my kid...and for parents too!”

- Samantha Machard, Parent

“ My daughter exudes confidence on stage thanks to mainstages. I am so thankful for all you have done.  ”

- Patricia del Tatto, Parent, Locust Valley Intermediate School

“My son came back singing and was very proud to wear the mainstages T-shirt.  He can't wait for the next production to come around again. ”

- Cynthia Siu, Parent, Locust Valley Intermediate School

“I had so much fun doing the mainstages program!  The directors and choreographers made everything so fun and I learned a lot about acting and being on stage. ”

- Reilly Souther, mainstages afterschool participant

“You guys are awesome & could not have done a single thing better. The guys stayed late to accomodate our late arrival. They had so much positive energy, all was great!!!”

- Susanne Sellars, Birthday Parent

“My daughter told me that it didn't matter what part she got, because mainstages always made it fun! ”

- Jen Maselli, Theater Camp Parent